Patrik Khach (US)

A product of Iran with Armenian blood raised and currently residing in Los Angeles, Patrik Khach is a DJ, music producer, event curator, and label owner. Starting from 19 years old in the blossoming scene of LA’s house music, Patrik positioned himself among nightlife impresarios. Working for industry giant Insomniac where he spent endless hours meeting and promoting artists, he observed techniques and stamina of DJ’s delivering to a 1,200 person dance floor on a weekly. Patrik naturally progressed to the stage himself opening for international acts like Dubfire, Art Department, John Dahlback, and Sharam building his own vision clearly unique from the rest. Patrik has since created and maintained a level of integrity that is rippling through the city as one of the most in-demand acts. He uses the power of music to manipulate time and space by mixing traditional sounds from different cultures with modern day electronic beats. On the dance floor, Patrik has mastered connecting people with eclectic sounds and grooves, uniting listeners from all walks of life. His recent elevated status has earned him to play with notable artists like Acid Pauli and Be Svendsen, invited by Goldcap to play at his intimate Mojave Desert gatherings, and receives a gratitude of support from distinguished labels like Sol Selectas. In 2016, Patrik and his team launched SBCLTR LA, an going series of meticulously curated parties in Los Angeles and have since become a local sensation and internationally recognized. SBCLTR LA studies, discovers, and selects an intelligent roster of sound, pulling talent from all over the world and promises an outcome of underground sophistication. The platform has served as an outlet for creative ingenuity and encourages artistic expression, allowing talent to breakthrough to a receptive audience in an atmospheric setting where events are strategically held at different locations each time. To mark another landmark in 2016 is lightly put. Patrik and veteran producer Ali Farahani established “the classier side of electronic music,” as they claim of their record label Pipe & Pochet. Certainly, the gentlemen duo have a complementary joint approach to running a label just as much they do DJing together. Patrik was inspired to move toward music production and immersed himself so deep in the studio, he completed his first track with fellow DJ/producer Sarkis Mikael titled Sioux. Released on Pipe & Pochet during the height of the Dakota Access Pipeline controversy, their first release raised charitable funds responding through the positivity of music. Future projects promise Patrik is the face to watch as he continues to succeed each journey of his flourishing career. His journey sends an open invitation to the world for people to connect, one track at time from one dance floor to another.
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