Mick Boskamp (NL)


Mick Boskamp's career is a fascinating journey that started with a bang in 1976. In his debut year as an editor at Hitkrant, he had the privilege of interviewing an eclectic array of artists, including Michael Jackson, Prince, Debbie Harry, Iggy Pop, Bryan Ferry, John Travolta and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

In 1983, Boskamp made a significant career move, transitioning to a new publication. He began a remarkable 21-year tenure as editor of Dutch Playboy, which he describes as being akin to a child in a candy store.

Around 1993, Boskamp underwent a transformation as he caught the electronic dance music bug. With Playboy's approval, he embarked on promoting this newfound passion. His "Nachtboek" column in the dance magazine Bassic Groove enjoyed tremendous success, leading to its expansion into a radio program on 3 FM (Weekender for BNN), a book series, and a CD series.

After his time with Playboy, Boskamp briefly served as the editor-in-chief of Release Magazine at ID&T. However, during his stint as a nightlife reporter, he faced personal challenges, particularly with addiction to substances like cocaine and hashish. Remarkably, he has now been clean and sober for a decade.

Boskamp has also ventured into the digital realm with a successful website (mickboskamp.com), where articles about dance music take center stage. He has chosen to use his personal experience as an addiction expert, making him a valuable resource for young addicts on their path to recovery.

This unique combination of life experiences, from being an addiction survivor to a clean & sober connoisseur of dance music, has positioned Mick Boskamp as an excellent panel member for insightful discussions.

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