Ju Lovett (GB)

“Techno geek obsessed with warped melodies, trippy breakdowns and tough rolling basslines.” That’s how Ju describes himself as a DJ. Inspired by the weirdness of Sven Väth, the mind bending production of Smith & Selway and the raw energy of Pig&Dan to name a few, Ju has developed his own unique sound. From off key melodic grooves to frantic inter-dimensional journeys, Ju’s sets twist and turn and tell an unusually addictive story. When Ju starting playing he quickly became well know in his home town as resident DJ and co-promoter of the infamous Rapture events. He was also regularly seen playing at the illegal Pulse8 warehouse parties and raves across the east of the UK. Ju’s other residencies included The Aquarium, Mondo’s, and Creamfields during their UK tour. In recent years, the UK born artist found a home in Dubai. Since his arrival, he has become an active part of Dubai’s emerging underground scene. In 2015 Ju started his own event ‘Dysfunktion’ and brought his sound to the middle east. One year later he was signed by Dance FM to host his own radio show, which quickly became syndicated to other stations around the globe. In 2017 Ju’s show was signed to 50 stations in 35 countries and became Dubai’s most syndicated radio show ever. Looking to the future, Ju is relocating to his favourite city, Amsterdam. His intense love and respect for Amsterdam, and its “inclusive” underground scene has been deeply inspiring. So much so that he has now turned his attention to production. Nowadays he can be found passionately working in the studio late into the night, perfecting his sound and improving the skills he needs in order to produce his own unique tracks. “Im obsessed with finding that odd unique track or sound that turns an awesome groove into something out of this world. It’s the part that people don’t expect or see coming. When it hits them they experience these overwhelmingly deep primal emotions. For me, taking people on that journey is the best feeling in the world.”
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