Josh Rabinowitz (US)

Speaker (Brooklyn Music Experience)

Josh Rabinowitz is an acknowledged global thought leader in that space where music, media, brands and content intersect. During his 20 + year career he has produced and or music supervised over 10K tracks for brands, cinema, major recording labels and tv. He has been called a “New Music Mogul” by Fast Company, “The Voice” of the music branding space in the press, and a "Branding Power Player" by Billboard where he was also a 'celebrity' columnist for "With the Brand."

He’s been a Professor at The New School in NYC since 2008, as well as at NYU, Drexel, Brooklyn College and Tufts, and has been cited in The NY Times, Rolling Stone, Time, The New Yorker, NY Magazine, the WSJ, Vulture, Crain’s, Variety, AdAge, Forbes, etc., and, has appeared on Bloomberg TV News and NPR (National Public Radio) many times. He resigned his position as EVP/Director of Music at Grey Group in 2019 to start a Music and Sound Consultancy called the Brooklyn Music Experience. His current passion is to coach and advise aspiring musical minds.

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