Djuma Soundsystem (DK)

Norwegian Mikkas and Danish Lars have established themselves on the global DJ circuit, with two world tours under their belt they have played some of the best known clubs out there: The End (London), Space (Ibiza), Zouk SG (Singapore), Blue Frog (Mumbai), Kazantip (Ukraine), Studio Martin (Bucharest), Villa (Oslo), Hardpop (Juarez), Nevermind (Sydney), Cielo (NYC), Arena (Santiago), Stadium (Jakarta), See Sound Lounge (Seattle), Watergate (Berlin), Kristal (Bucharest) plus other amazing gigs like when they played in Rio on new years eve 2009 in front of close to a million people. It all seems like a long way from their first job making music for the Royal Danish Ballet, but the boys keep coming up with new takes of their signature sound, warm tracks with a tight focus on the melodic elements and solid grooves!
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