Deamonds (GB)

Alex Deamonds (Dj Deamonds, Dr Iron Lung) is a 25 year old DJ / Producer from Ilford, London, UK. He’s been honing his skills since 2001/2002, at home, clubs, bedrooms, illegal radio, kitchens, you name it. A keen interest in the London pirates from an early age enabled him to gain an education in the UK underground scene and become a connoisseur in different styles, textures and blends that all make up the framework of his eclectic and classic DJ sets. He began production whilst still in school and continued to pursue it in his early 20’s. He has since been cultivating his own platform over the last few years, ‘East London Club Trax’, and has a strong affiliation with the Night Slugs crew. His label was spawned out of a desire to release music from him and his musical connections. He launched the platform in 2013. Made up of visceral dance floor orientated tracks, in a format reliable and synonymous with scenes he’d first handily lived through, he plans to continue the onslaught with several more solo releases, some collaborative efforts, and as always, a few surprises. His DJ sets are just the right mix of upfront rigidity, frantic, impulsive selection and of course the refined techniques you could only expect to hear from a well versed headliner.
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