Cultuurschok (NL)

Cultuurschok is an alias of Detlef Villerius, also co-founder of Cosmotronic (Eurorack modules) and founder of the False Flag records label. Born in the 80s, out of a short but intense love affair at castle Hoensbroek, at the very tip of southern Limburg. His father, who was a gardener at the castle, fell in love with the unmistakable beauty of his mother, who at the time as a maid, literally handed out the sheets. When he was old enough to be able to walk, he exchanged equanimous Limburg for the turbulent The Hague where Christmas trees were not peacefully adorned in living rooms but lay burning at street corners. The influence of the romantic castle Hoensbroek can certainly be heard, but so too, The Hague seeps through with its curious history in its music. His music can therefore be called at least somewhat schizophrenic; On the one hand lively, flagrant melodies that originate in pop music from the 80s and on the other obscure and occult disorder as a result of an era without internet, brutal films and clandestine political and social tightness. The result is an exuberant and energetic stream of danceable sounds that are fired at the listener from different devices. Cultuurschok uses a combination of a tailor-made Eurorack system, supplemented with ready-made electronic instruments. Depending on the state of mind, his set consists to a greater or lesser extent of raw disco, electro, techno or acid.
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