Bogomir Doringer (RS)

Speaker (Curator & Researcher, Nxt Museum)

Bogomir Doringer (Serbia/The Netherlands) is a prolific artist-researcher and curator, currently undergoing a PhD at the University of Applied Arts Vienna. He specialises in the socio-politics of collective movement in night culture and clubbing - as a lens through which to observe social phenomena manifested through people and the body. Post-9/11, a key point of departure became the emerging masking ritual in response to high surveillance. Through his ongoing artistic research project, “I Dance Alone”, club-goers are observed from a bird's-eye view - their movements becoming a mirror to or microcosm of broader social and political changes.

From this study emerged Doringer’s “Dance of Urgency” concept: a dance that arises in times of personal and collective crisis, wherein dance becomes a means of political resistance, coping, catharsis and/or survival - thus empowering collectives to act. Alongside these practices, Doringer is an international speaker, lecturer and teacher, curator, and head of education and research at the Nxt Museum (Amsterdam, Netherlands). Further, Doringer is the co-curator of Frei(T)räum - the public day of Berlin’s Stadt Nach Acht conference - today known as Envisioning Free Spaces for its Amsterdam edition. Here, Doringer’s curation transforms research into tangible policy outcomes supporting night culture through a collaborative dialogue of artists and industry experts.

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