Alannys Weber (ID)


Alannys Weber is a born entertainer. Starting at the tender age of 17 as a fashion model, she already had a talent for getting the attention of the crowds.

From modeling for famous magazines, performing on the catwalk and starring as an actrice in several movies and tv productions, she started pursuing her career as a DJ, initially based in Jakarta - Indonesia.

Well-known venues in Jakarta saw the talent of Alannys rise, playing passionately at renowned dance clubs.

Her instantaneous popularity and demand spread along the Indonesian archipelago to many places. Popular demand allowed her to go international and play throughout Asia and in Europe.

Nowadays, Alannys is based in Amsterdam – The Netherlands, the cradle of the world's most famous DJ's. Besides performing at different venues, her focus is set on spending time in the studio, cooperating with international vocal artists and producers, letting her creativity flow, whilst producing her own original tracks.

Between the headphones of Alannys is a fire burning to make an everlasting impression in the world of Electronic Dance Music.

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