Adriana Lopez (CO)

"As Bogota’s leading techno figure, Adriana Lopez has almost single-handedly put her hometown -and her country- in the techno map for good. Her productions -mostly launched on her own label Grey Report- usually feature stripped-down rhythms, looped patterns and introspective melodies, often topped by a certain berlinesque feel. Her sets are nothing short of true displays of the best possible underground sounds". - DGTL, 2019. "Line these labels up and a picture begins to form. And it looks like the kind of art most critics would swoon over. She's a rock solid european performer and producer of 'smoked laced warehouse jams' but, and here’s the thing, she’s a DJ's DJ. She’s all about the multiple sources and the rolls royce vinyl. She’s a roll up the sleeves, audio mechanic". - Machine, AUS, 2017. Adriana is considered Colombia's biggest techno export and a pioneer of its electronic scene. She was a resident DJ at Club BarC, Cinema and La Sala in Bogota as well as a regular guest at various events in different cities in her native country in the late 1990's - early 2000's. She then moved to Spain in 2003 and over 15 years on from her relocation, Adriana's global touring schedule is filling up with performances at the most renowned venues in the world including: DGTL Festival (Barcelona), Rainbow Serpent Festival (Australia), Forte Festival (Portugal), Berghain and Tresor (Berlin), Concrete (Paris), Village Underground (London), Grelle Forelle (Vienna), Lux Fragil (Lisbon), Monasterio (Moscow), Vent (Tokyo), Korner (Taipei), Faust and Vurt (Seoul), kyō (Singapore), among others. "This multiplayer now relocated to Barcelona is considered one of South America's most influential techno artists of all time. DJ, producer and label head of Spanish imprint Grey Report, the success story of this brilliant and creative mind seems flawless". - Into The Valley, 2018.
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