A resident of the Blocaus event in Paris, as well as great collector of
vinyl, Anetha is a young artist who has quickly become a prominent
figure in the Paris underg
round scene.

The Parisian based DJ and producer has been gaining quite a name for herself over the last year on the DJing front. She has played famous places in France and abroad such as Corsica Studio in London, Concrete and Rex Club in Paris, 2.35:1 and Under Bron in Stockholm or Tresor and About Blank in Berlin. Oscillating between acid lines, melancholic melodies, hypnotic patterns and strong grooves, she also likes playing 90's old school tracks offering a deep and pulsating journey. Anetha definitely knows how to take control of the dance floor!

Production wise, Anetha made her debut on November 2015 with an excellent EP on Spencer Parker's imprint Work Them Records. The release was so successful that she is preparing a second one in the same label, due in September and remixed by Antigone and Spencer Parker.

Also, She released on June 2016 a track called Tomorrow's DNA on Reclaim Your City on the Paris - Berlin 2.0 EP alongside Francois X, I/Y and Abayomi. In October 2016, Anetha with the Blocaus crew will present their new imprint : Blocaus Series. Anetha, as a co-manager of the label, will inaugurate it with a solo EP remixed by Stranger.
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