Mark Doyle

Mark Doyle

Mark Doyle created Hed Kandi in 1997 and it was his choice of artwork, music and presentation that succeeded in distinguishing the brand from other house music labels. Mark had previously run the jazzfm compilation label and after much success was
asked to come up with a new concept that the listeners might relate to and purchase. Mark produced an album that he would want to buy, It had to have great music, stunning packaging and a unique look, it was here that Hed Kandi was born.

Hed Kandi had its own radio show which was broadcast late night/early morning on radio station JazzFM for the first 3 years. Mark Doyle presented each show and presented a mix of funky house, chillout and guest interviews. The Show was taken on by the Galaxy network and quickly moved from a late night show to a prime time slot at 9pm on Friday.Mark presented all the shows
for nearly 6 years.

Mark also successfully picked a number of club and chart hits from artist projects he signed to the label. The first artist projects
included albums from Afterlife, 45 Dip and Anthea plus singles from Lazy Grace & Fuel.The label enjoyed huge success with the Stonebridge album project which produced two top 10 singles and another top 30 single. Mark also signed Peyton, LNM Project, Late Night Alumni And Solu Music Feat Kimblee.

In May 2006 Mark launched Fierce Angel Records & Fierce Angel Events. Once again he was joined by Jason Brooks who supplied the artwork for the first 9 releases. The office team was further strengthened by Marks fiancee’ Kate Penny who manages marketing and PR, Nadia Rifaat who manages all the Fierce Angel Events and Dave Armstrong who produces the Fierce Angel radio show.
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