Hannah Wants explains the importance of well-being at ADE Health

Tuesday, 23 July 2019

After recent conference announcements about Roger Linn returning to Sound Lab and ADE on the lookout for Cultural collaborations, we continue with ADE Health announcing their speaker.

Few major artists have as much understanding of how vital paying attention to your health is as Hannah Wants. The producer/DJ from Birmingham, England started her career at peak fitness having previously been a professional footballer – so she wasn't lacking in stamina in those vital years of hard gigging, including seasons in Ibiza, while still not yet out of her teens.

Since then she's built a formidable reputation and became one of the leading lights in the scene. But in early 2017 the unthinkable happened and she was diagnosed with breast cancer. That physical fitness and stamina no doubt helped her as she underwent treatment, and she continued gigging as much as she could – even playing a big club show just four days after surgery. But it was, of course, a huge jolt to her life and made her re-assess many things, particularly about how physical, mental and spiritual stress have impact on our bodies.

As a result, the lessons Hannah has learned in the last couple of years are relevant to everyone in the dance music industry. Stress, overwork, and pressure to perform – not to mention the effects of travel, lifestyle, and sleeplessness – are omnipresent, and we shouldn't have to be faced with serious illness before we consider how we deal with them.

Joining Hannah on stage for the Q&A will be Emerald Rose Lewis, DJ and drive time presenter on Rinse FM. Herself no slouch when it comes to physical fitness – she used to be a professional hula hoop dancer – Emerald is one of the rising stars of UK media, with dozens of classic interviews under her belt. We feel safe in saying this discussion will be not just fascinating, but required viewing if you can make it.

ADE Health
This year’s ADE Health, under the title Talent - A Blessing Or A Curse?, will feature a range of experts and artists focusing on the realities of being creative, how best to manage talent in the hothouse environment that is our live music scene, alongside offering advice and tips to musicians about what to do in order to get the best from themselves and their entourage.

Talent - A Blessing Or A Curse?