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Future clubs in the spotlight at ADE Pro

Friday, 03 May 2019
ADE Pro hosts three deep dives into the future of clubbing.

Following up on recent news about the new focus streams at ADE Pro and the return of ADE Sound Lab, we are delighted to share that part of ADE Pro’s focus on the live industry includes three panels looking at the future of clubbing, from the perspective of the power of design, the importance of strategy, and whether or not to be semi-nomadic.

Longevity vs Pop-Up
The Nomadic Club zooms in on the effect of limited-period permitting and how clubs can use it to their advantage to refresh their image and raison d’être, whereas in this fluid modern world, it might be better to go totally ‘pop-up’. Next to that the panel discusses how to create a sense of intimacy in a cavernous post-industrial space.

Future Clubs - How to stay relevant in the ever-changing club landscape?
Best-practice in running and maintaining the cultural and technological resonance of clubs and night life will be under the microscope, as well as the importance of paying attention to untapped and emerging markets, how to spot opportunities in mature markets, and, in a separate panel that's also part of the ADE Pro LIVE vertical, a look at how clubs can deal constructively and creatively with the issues thrown up by the exclusivity and radius deals that all festivals use these days.

Clubbing 3.0 - Next Club Interiors
In this panel we are discussing the rapidly evolving club decor of the next decade, the place of technology in the nightlife experience, and how interaction with AI terminals might develop and impact on what goes on in clubs. Will we still be dancing the night away ten years from now, or will we be fully immersed in an AR fantasy world while bouncing on a trampoline?

ADE Pro will also be a keynote presentation about the benefits of clubbing and its effect on cities where it is encouraged and supported. Date and time for the sessions to be announced!


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