Yucka (Ethica) (NL)

Soon after Yucka discovered the psy trance scene at the dawn of the new millennium he started collecting psy trance music with his buddy Kostya, Dj Cosmic Chuen. The next step was getting behind the deks and organizing parties under the name Cosmic Combination in his home town Leiden with Dj Bor and Jay. The parties became bigger and more professional in a resident venue called the LVC in Leiden where he established himself a musch sought after DJ. With his hi-tech eclectic funky fullon sets he soon played all over Holland, Belgium and Germany. Booked by organizers such as Namaste, Twisted Extractions, Boom! Events, Bom Voyage, Daf, Earth Dance etc. Priveliged to play along the side of Logic Bomb, Protoculture, Zen Mechanics, Liftshift, Sonic Species, Riches, Triptych, Electric Universe, Allaby, Hux Flux, Dj Haisu, Dark Soho to name a few. He also got involved with the infamous Dj Haisu from Amsterdam aming to spread the Psychedelic vibes under the party collective known as Inner Visions. Around 2008 he got seriously infected with producing his own tunes with his buddy B-FliP from Den Bosch and started the project Bionic. After a lot of hard studio laber and a serious studio tan, some live gigs to test their sound they are finally ready to unleash their debute album in the fall of 2014 under the wing of the Dutch psytrance label Boom! Records. Due to some uncontrolled circomstances they changed their project name into Ethica.
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