TR-101 (DJ Pete and Sleeparchive) (DE)

TR-101 is the collaborative live project of DJ Pete and Sleeparchive. Peter Kuschnereit, born in Berlin, has grown up in a historical quarter of the city, Kreuzberg. He still lives and works there. In 1991 he started to work at the legendary record store Hard Wax. Sleeparchive, known to his mum as Stephan Metzger, has produced some stunning pieces of electronic music that cannot be pigeonholed in one particular genre of dance music. His label, Sleeparchive, distributed by Hardwax, is now six releases deep (Elephant Island EP, Recycle EP, Infrared Glow EP, Research EP, Hospital tracks, & Hadron) & with a storming remix of Monolake's Plumbicon Versions having just been released his style of minimal techno music is in much demand across the globe.
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