Tom Noah ()

He began setting his first steps as a DJ back in 2002 and soon got a residency at the A.S.S. events where he played next to big techno names like; Marco Remus, Billy Nasty, Heiko Laux and Marco Bailey. Meanwhile, he began organizing small techno events in his hometown and got in contact with Sander May. They joined forces in 2005 and together they build the event “Complexed” into a successful event where they were DJ’ing as residents. Soon they conquered the Leiden area with their deep and funky DJ-sets and got noticed by other promoters. Their journey through numerous events throughout the country saw them performing together at places like; Doornroosje, Tivoli, Studio 80, Patronaat, Gelredome, Simplon, Woodstock, Hotel Arena, Whoosah, Off-Corso and Catwalk. Because of the success of “Complexed”, it was time for Sander and Tom to start a new concept in the bigger LVC under the name “This is Complexed”. At the same time they started doing festival events in the Leiden city centre during the yearly Queensday and Leiden’s Ontzet dates under the name KLIKK. Nowadays, all of their events are under the KLIKK flag and has seen many National and International artists performing alongside Sander and Tom. Next to promoting KLIKK, Tom found his way into the studio. Working on his production skills for over more than two years, Tom is setting to release his first EP on the Canadian Whose Haus label including the tracks “Savour” and “Missing” this fall (2011). Also, his collaboration with Bas van der Laken under the “Formel” moniker is getting a release in the latter part of this year. Where “Formel” is a more housey approach, Tom focuses on the deep and melodic side of techno and house for his solo productions. Tom also began producing together with Sander May. There first outings together are to be expected at the end of this year.
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