The Reason Y (DE)

Creativity, craziness and Techno infused by pure genius are some of the key components of the duo "The Reason Y". 2015 marks the beginning of a new project that the members Andreas Quiring and Frederik Laaser have put together. This collaboration’s aim is creating mind-blowing music and sharing it with the world. The two guys connects a long DJ career and perfect balancing on the decks. Before the founding of "The Reason Y“ they played together under several other projects, gaining mixing and producing skills for more than 10 years. They always love to play an underground sound, which takes you on a magical musical journey. In the last couple of years they developed their own style in music and how to engage with the audience in the club no matter what time they have to play. Their experiences and knowledge from being Dj’s as well as being in the crowd helped them to spread and unfold their creativity in the studio. Pretty soon their own productions got on focus and main acts such as Pan-Pot already invited them to play their first "The Reason Y" gig on the Second State Showcase at Berlin’s famous Watergate Club. Right now the duo spends a lot of time in their Studio in Berlin. They plan on releasing a couple of tracks this year so keep them in mind.
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