Teak Makai (US)

Teak Makai Zachary smiles when he sings! Teak, DJ Makai, is a self-taught musician and DJ who can play five different instruments (piano, guitar, bass, drums, and ukulele). Since a young age the sound of music always captivated his mind and lead him down a path to making music with influences from 70’s disco to the current artists of today. His production work showcases his talents from gritty key work to smooth bass lines as Teak has developed a sound all his own. As a DJ Teak has performed at Circle OC, Tackle Beats, and many other locations around Orange County as he continues to work on his craft and develop crowd pleasing beats. Currently he has released music with True House LA and Giggle Records with more upcoming features and releases on the way. Locally Teak works with Wasted Promotions, True House LA, and Swerve Underground as a resident DJ and promoter. Be on the lookout for Teak Makai around the world!
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