Synatec ()


Passionated by Synths& drum computers I developed a weak spot for groovy music made with machines. I started my career in Electronic Music in the 90's and got invited to dj regurlary on Parisian dancefloors bringing out the harder genres such as Industrial hardcoretechno.

I tackled diverse genres through my career from Hardcore to DNB using different Artist name: Witchcraft, Nuala and Synatec. This was and still is a popular trend in techno allowing artist to divert electronic music genre and allocate it an own alias for each.

Iā€™m currently established in Amsterdam and like to play high energy tracks with deep polished sound or raw distortion, an evident preference for reverb audio effects and melancholic melodies.

I had multiples music collaborations and held multiples residencies in European clubs during the past 20 years since I moved to The Netherlands to join the Rave community full force.

I all resumed producing tracks and collaborated with local talents since 2020. My current preferred genres are electro, techno and early rave.

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