Susan Langan (US)

Susan Langan is a practiced DJ, singer, and music producer from San Francisco, California with roots in drum & bass and a penchant for celebration. As Qzen, she has performed across Europe & the Americas and prefers music that invites listening with your whole body. Her sound as a DJ stems from Bay Area ’90s rave culture with a melancholic intimacy at the heart of her productions. Susan is fond of collaborations and is best known for classic dance tracks featuring her voice: “Don’t Turn It Off” with 40 Thieves and “Sweat (On The Walls)” with John Tejada. After many years promoting events and hosting pirate radio, Susan worked in the Wild West era of the industry’s shift to digital distribution and consumption as the electronic and dance music programmer for Apple iTunes in the mid-’00s. Leaving her hometown to develop her creative voice, she lived in Buenos Aires and Montreal before moving to Berlin in 2010. She spent five years handling artist relations for Native Instruments before joining the education staff at dBs Berlin, a university dedicated to music and film, in the fall of 2016. A tutor in the Electronic Music Production & Performance degree program, Susan is enthusiastic about sharing her experience on stage and behind the scenes to inform and encourage students towards a bold, grounded, and prosperous career in music.
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