Suizer (AR)

Agustin Suizer was born in Córdoba, Argentina on May 9, 1984. His musical taste and style tends towards house, tech house, deep house and progressive house. After years of research and listening to electronic music, he decided to become a part of the scene by adopting his own artistic career. First, as a DJ and then with his hands on the trays and computers to become a Producer. His productions are based on progressive sounds, tech house, techno and electro. As the years have passed I have followed many DJs and thanks to that I have been able to share a cabin with almost all of them. At this moment he works with his production company Freaky Producciones and as co-equiper in Back2theFuture production (Europe) driving South America Thanks to his mixes, and being up to date with the competition he managed to enter the international market, and has been invited to play in some of the online radio stations as eccentric: Beats, Frisky and Proton., In Local stations for already 11 years, passing through Zero Fm, Las Rosas 107.3 and Urbana 89.7. called Adequate Medication Now in Mexico City Have the same Radio show.- He has been invited to play in Córdoba to all of the Clubs and Pubs of the electronic scene, such as Lokitas, Hell, Carreras and many more. He is currently one of the residents of the prestigious brand Back 2 the Future.- In 2013 I play at IBIZA in the clubs: Cafe del Mar, Hotel Pacha, The Grial, The Box and more ... A really exceptional DJ is not frequently found with the combination of great talent and a captivating personality, and Agustin Suizer is exactly this. There is a massive movement developing in Argentina and Agustin is one of its referents Its sound is distinguished by a wide variety of musical styles, from a beautiful and warm deep house up to a techno to explode the track Dance with your energy. It is difficult to catalog it in a single genre since Agustin has really managed to establish his own sound. Always leading the music lover for a magical sound landscape, through its soft mixes Harmonics and impeccable programming. Apart from music, Agustin has a pleasant and refreshing personality. its great passion and enthusiasm have helped him form great friendships, key reason for which he enjoys abundant opportunities and access to exclusive material.
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