Stop File (IT)

In their set we can find different influences, giving a touch of style that differentiates them in each Set. In recent years, the Stop File have created a series of EP on KD Music, Monique Speciale, Microtech Records,Theatre, Amazing Music, Hoehenregler Records... etc.. The track "Cichito" (on Monique Special) has a great success, attracting the attention of DJs such as "Loco Dice", "Carl Cox", "Richie Hawtin", "Luciano" and many others, entering of law into their DJ sets. From this springboard have started several collaborations. Subsequently creating a remix for Emanuele Inglese (on Microtech Records) played very frequently by Loco Dice for over six months. In July 2013, confirmed their talent with the EP "Born This Way" (on KD Music label, Kaiserdisco) another big success as played by Karotte, Matthias Tanzmann, Joseph Capriati, Davide Squillace, Reboot, Wally Lopez, and others yet.
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