Stine Eisen (DK)

Speaker (Roskilde Festival)

Since 2014 I have been an all-year volunteer at the Roskilde Festival. Before volunteering for the festival, I have worked at several non-profit projects at the festival such as managing the backstage bar for the Danish National Radio for more than a decade. Today I’m a member of a sustainability team that works within the festival organisation. Furthermore, I have the overall responsibility for the organic transformation the festival has gone through during the last couple of years. Additionally, I am in charge of projects regarding food waste and the registration of the food stalls’ carbon footprint. The carbon footprint is registered in collaboration with the Swedish company CarbonCloud.

This is what I do in my spare time. During working hours, I work at a small firm called Fru Hansens Kælder. We plan lunch meals for approx 10.000 preschool children every day.

Last but not least I am a wife and mother of two children - a boy at the age of 10 and a girl at the age of seven.

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