South District (NL)

The love for music has always been a great part of his life. Especially the electronical styles began gaining interest when he was at an age of 11. South District, who goes by the name Jasper Zuyderwijk, was intrigued by both the scene and the energy which the electronic sounds, synths and bass produces. South District wanted to be part of it and started mixing. At the age of 16 he started working with programs like FLstudio, Cubase and Ableton. In 2009 he got a tip from a friend about the TWSTD DJ contest, which was the biggest and most promising DJ contest in Holland at that time. Also a contest where there was room for every electronical genre, like techno for instance. After a pre-round, semi-monthly final, monthly final, the quarter finals and the semi finals, he left 160 contestants behind and obtained one of the 4 desirable spots in the finals which took place at the Melkweg in Amsterdam. Nowadays South District is a known techno-artists in the Amsterdam based techno scene and has played in allmost every big venue as well as on massive events like Chateau Techno, Schwung, Lazy Sunday's and many many more.
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