Sascha Rydell (DE)

The stuff is in his bones, frankly, and that shines through in his own idiosyncratic tracks and EP’s, as does his ear for an unfamiliar hook, ability to craft a devastating bassline or most inviting groove. 1996 was when he began DJing, and since then years of experience have only fomented his ability to thread a compelling electronic soundtrack to anyone who will listen.Born and raised in Berlin, growing up alongside clubs like WMF, Tresor and E-Werk and people like Mike Dehnert and Roman Lindau, Rydell has techno in his bones. But so too hip-hop, soul, funk, house and jazz ñ all of which are things that inform his sketchy, loopy, heavy techno sounds on the label he runs with Mike and Roman, namely Fachwerk. Charged with representing the imprint for a Resident Advisor label of the month mix in January 2011, Rydell deftly journeyed across a wide range of Fachwerksís output ñ both released and unreleased ñ with devastating effects. “Every piece I produce has my soul in it” states Sascha. “It all expresses the experiences that I have gained over the past 10 to 20 years.” Some of the most notable achievements in that time of music making include playing legendary places like Berghain and European hotspots like Trouw, as well as releasing a number of well received EPs on Fachwerk (Serrage, Marmonner, Mouvoir, Propose EP and more) which picked up healthy support from many Artists worldwide. “It’s fantastic to see how music can make people happy in a global way, it’s like an universal language and it works over all the world” says self-confessed vinyl junkie Sascha of his trade; a trade he has been perfecting for two decades and since long before Berlin came the fashionable hotspot it is now. Forging important friendships in that time ñ ones that continue to stand him and his label in good stead today – Sascha has plans for a full length album as well as for more singles and EPS on other labels, all things which will surely only firm up his position as a nu-school leader.
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