Georgie Porgie (US)

He is a singer/ songwriter, a recording artist, a record producer, an independent dance music recording mogul and a dance-music remixer from Chicago, Illinois. Georgie Porgie, greatly influenced during the infancy of House music, has gone on to create his own blend of thumpin’ Chicago dance beats and rhythmic grooves. He is known as Georgie Porgie to some, George Andros to others, or just plain ole’ Georgie to his fans worldwide. Georgie Porgie’s uplifting songs of love, life, and strength reflect the hopes and dreams of many in which he translates so eloquently through his gift of music. With one listen, the affirmation can be felt in any of his singles. His first dance single was the funky party theme song “Let The Music Pump You Up”. His follow up releases “Strawberry” and “Everybody Must Party”, kept the arms swaying and smiles flashing on the dance floors. Other chart toppers such as, “I’m In Love” and “Don’t Want You”, found their place on international DJ and radio playlists. However, it was 1999’s “Love Story” that positioned Georgie firmly in the scene. Fast forward to the year of the millennium celebration, 2000. Georgie was to pen his inspirational song of life, which transcended every demographic and nationality. It was the appropriately titled, “Life Goes On”. The “Life Goes On” single was #1 on the International Dance Club Charts and Dance/ Pop Radio Charts. Georgie has performed in dance clubs, festivals and theaters in countries such as Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, Brazil, Portugal, Greece, Canada, Switzerland and Japan, to name a few. His singles released from the “Love Life and Be Happy” album, “I Believe” and “Sunshine”v were a success. Currently he is in the studio preparing the next album.
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