Beste Hira (NL)


Beste Hira is an adventurous, strong-willed and motivated DJ and Producer living in
Amsterdam, originally from Istanbul. Her character traits, combined with her creativity and
discipline, define her as a unique talent. Music has been a huge priority her whole life: she
focused her entire high school and university path on it, most specifically with the cello and
piano as her main instruments. She graduated from Ondokuz Mayıs University with a degree
in Music Education / Conservatory. During the early days of her career, she started
producing and DJing in Istanbul before she decided to move to Amsterdam in 2019 to
pursue her vocation as a techno talent.

Within electronic music, Beste Hira identifies with the hypnotic, fast paced and dark
side of techno. Her extensive musical training can be heard throughout her music production
and DJ sets, where she meticulously experiments with sounds to produce her signature,
and, most importantly, having an incredibly accurate intuition allows her to play out of her
comfort zone and surprise some of the most challenging crowds.

Beste Hira enjoys creating a full sensory experience in her performances, which
results in captivating journeys from beginning to end. Her knowledge and experience as an
artist have allowed her to grow in Amsterdam's eclectic underground scene, supported by
key Amsterdam-based crews such as Orphic (who invited her to become a resident at their
events series), De School and the famous Vault Sessions, as well as playing at the
Netherland's most renowned festivals, such as Awakenings, Amsterdam Dance Event,
Amsterdam Open Air and the upcoming The Third Room, to name a few. Beste's presence
in Europe is growing rapidly, especially after playing several times at the mighty Berghain
and other top notch clubs in capitals like Vienna, Madrid and Paris.

Creating podcasts for communities based in Miami, Mexico, the UK, Europe and
Turkey has allowed Beste's voice to reach global audiences and has continually shaped her
growth as an artist.

Cos, the first EP she released on her own, allowed her to break through the scene
and opened doors for her debut at the renowned underground Schimmer Records. She got
a lot more coming up, including projects that integrate her classical background, like her
upcoming collaboration with Ignez and more TBA.

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