Robert Furrier (HU)

Robert was born in Serbia. Dance music of the 90’s made a huge impact on my life therefore I started dealing with it. Music is a fantastic way to express emotions. It’s an amazing feeling to make it or just feeling it apart of the genre, because music goes directly to soul, it can make you crazy and if it meets with your taste, an evening can be the party of your life. I had the opportunity to bring out some of my music at smaller and bigger publishers. My 1st goal (Night City) reached Top 17 at Dj Tunes (Lick & Play Records). Then this track was honored to be selected to a mix record (Miami 2015 Anthems: Tech House – LW Recordings). Another main goal was for me (with the help of my friend, Hansol) to start working with Kingdom Kome Cuts Records, the publisher of the famous music producer and deejay, D.O.N.S. Since then I published some tracks, some of my music was selected to publish on selection albums. Some of my music was selected to make video trailers for it as well. I remixed numerous songs including Hansol and Stanny Abram tracks. Nowadays I’m actively working and can hardly wait now projects to come.
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