Robert Blues (DE)

Robert Blues was born in Germany on 6/12/1979 Robert Blues, after an adolescence passed between discs, headphones and consoles of some of the best Ulysses Riviera clubs, leaves the world of night for clothing and fashion by creating a chain of stores that just like the word Blues. In 2008, strong in the never-ending passion, he backs out in the nightlife and starts spinning Italy performing in the best clubs including just one of the unique mood clubs, Cantiere 21, Just Cavalli, Ribbon club, Vanilla. The real turning point in artistic terms comes in 2011 when he alternates in his playlist also voice interventions creating a true dj show, realizing a show that gives and collects emotions from the dancefloor, in 2014 takes on a new role in the local the art director And from there he signed the absolute masterpiece, from the point of view of artistic direction, when he achieved unprecedented success at the Sombrero Summer Club, where he brought and performed consoles with him dozens of national and international guests. The 2014/2015 winter shoots an excellent season at one of the top clubs in the center of Italy, the Sofia Club, summer 2015 arrives at the umbilical disk, considered the outdoor club number one in central Italy, where besides performing in His dj show will curate the artistic direction by bringing every Saturday super international guests and also here an unprecedented success. In July 2015, she signed her first solo producer, "Miami Dreaming", and to finish a 2015 film to sign New Year's Eve at Rainbow Magicland in Rome and performs to 10,000 people with the world-famous DJ guest Michael Calfan Last years on stage in Miami's last music. IL 2016 opens with a number of top-performing performances including the one at the Victory morgana in Sanremo during the week of the festival, in March it flies to Miami where it stars 3 Super party in the same location and split the console with super big ones, including Robbie Rivera, Plastik Funk, Federico Scavo, Crazibiza and many others. He starts his summer tour by spinning dozens of top clubs including the Pineta of Milano Marittima, then flies to Formentera at the Tipic, up to one of the most sought after in the career of a dj, that of the Privilege of Ibiza where he performs 2 times in front of thousands of people. Continue the winter tour in various clubs including the historic Fellini of Milan where Gianluca Vacchi is a well-known web star in his first disco club, then to Switzerland and specifically to the St Moritz Diamond Club, in March he is the protagonist of Winter music Conference in Miami in the party World dome club and shares the console with Daddy's groove, Todd Terry and many other dj guests, in April is an integral part of the Snowland international festival line up and consoles with Dj Antoine and with Le Nervo considered The world's most famous dj's couple.
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