Rik Watts (NL)

If you’ve seen Rik Watts perform in his hometown, or at other gigs througout the Netherlands for sure you have been taken away with his warm deep solid sounds. Via his DJ sets or his productions on labels like GEM records or Say What? records, he merges perspectives in his sense for sounds and underpinned with deep solid, soulful grooves inspired by the fact he was traveling all over the world working for the Dutch Navy at the early age of 17. Travelling all over the world got him in touch with so many different kind of cultures and styles of music which made him the artist who he is today. Taking his time to find his own style, made it his and still craving for more. He likes to bring something for those who love to dream as well for them who stay on the dancefloor all night. This is Rik Watts, with his Dutch sober, ‘act normal than you act crazy enough’ mentality. Hard working and stay true to yourself but still loving to share his musical thoughts with others and most of all make them into an artistic reality. His love for music stems from hearing soul, funk and hip hop at home with some Indonesian culture provided by his girlfriend were it all falls down on being ‘senang’ (feeling good). Love for your family and find each other in food and being good to one and other. This sense of family feeling is what he wants to share with others throughout his music so feel free to become a part of Rik’s family.
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