Adrien aka Rammö is an innovative artist creating a genre-bending experience that captivates listeners. With a distinct style that can be described as eclectic, mushroomy, infectious, and groovy, Rammö has been making waves in the music industry since co-creating Deep Klassified in 2012.

Thanks to his dynamic energy and the stories told through his sets, Rammö has played at renowned venues and festivals worldwide, including Wonderfruit, Wilde Renate, Epizode, Moga Festival, De Marktkantine..playing around his exemplar artists such as Acid Pauli, Dj Tennis, Cc disco, Franck Wiedemann …

Beyond his music contribution, Rammö proudly supports the Byebye Plastic movement and has been part of the first non-plastic vinyl production, aligning himself with the mission to stop plastic waste in the music industry.

With releases on esteemed labels such as Klassified, Abracadabra, XYZ, Radi Mira Luvi, Dantze, Around Midnight… Rammö has delivered some infectious enigmatic tracks and is. currently focused on crafting upcoming releases and preparing for an eagerly anticipated live.

In addition to that. driven by a deep passion for artistic expression, Adrien founded Wamm, a cultural association dedicated to creating Moments through music and art.

Rammö is living for special moments, especially sunrises and sunsets.

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