Radial (NL)

Radial is the music project of Jeroen Liebregts and Laurens van der Starre. They teamed up for the first time in 2006 and have been intensively working together eversince, producing music for labels such as Planet Rhythm, Token, Numb and Audio Assault. Jeroen has been running and producing for his labels Audio Assault and Arms since 2002, and also produced music for LK-rec and Submissions. In 2006 he finished his studies of electronic music at the conservatory of The Hague (www.sonology.org). Laurens was drawn into producing by his good friend Anton Pieëte, and soon got his first release signed by Glenn Wilson for his Templ8R imprint. Jeroen: “Laurens had been a long-time acquaintance I met via some mutual friends and I knew of the work he did with Anton Pieëte, when he sent me a demo for my labels i was really impressed so that’s when the idea to collaborate came up.” The first release of the duo, ‘Beton EP’, was signed by the infamous Slovakian label Numb Records. Since, their music has been appearing regularly on mix compilations, play lists, and charts of many top DJ's like Adam Beyer, British Murder Boys, Oscar Mulero, Ben Sims, Rumenige, Loktibrada and many more. Laurens “We were really happy to receive support from exactly the people we respected very much and were influenced by a lot, the release on Numb was a dream start.” Other full EP's include the 'Premium EP' on Token records, 'Hair of the Dog EP' on Audio Assault and the Planet Rhythm 2 part series 'Firm to Farm EP's. Always trying to be as varied as possible in their productions and refusing to think in genres or labelling their own music, they started the label Dinner records in 2007 together with Anton Pieëte as an outlet for their more groovy works. The Radial project really became well-known by the big mass of techno music fans for their energetic live shows, and in their very first year of existence the gig schedule already included Awakenings, Subclub and Pohoda festival Slovakia to name a few. The year 2008 will be another highly productive year for the two, with numerous planned releases and the release of their debut album in October. Stay tuned..
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