Prosper Rek (NL)

Having grown up submerged in plenty of music, holidaying in Ibiza since the age of ten and being a nine year veteran of violin playing and bass guitar lessons, Proper Rek set out on the course which has led him where he is today; he bought all the necessary noise making machines to make his first forays into electronic music. It wasn’t long before he picked up his first DJ gigs at Studio 80 and Melkweg in Amsterdam – his adopted home after moving from his birthplace, London, at an early age – and then the wider world at clubs in Europe and South Africa. Gigs in Ibiza followed at several spots, but it was at Blue Marlin his sets made the biggest impact, and it is there that he is now resident DJ for the fourth year running. The sounds Prosper Rek spins are diverse, like his own musical background, and take in deep house, techno and everything non-commercial in between. Melodies and rhythm are his main focus, weaving them together into intriguing tapestries of sound that really get you dancing. “I love the warmer sounds of deep house and the energy of techno” he says. “Somewhere in between lies my sound. I always like to play good remixes of classic tracks [like his own big remix of Sting’s ‘Englishman in New York’ with Franklin Reeves] as music also contains memories.”
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