Phoebe d´Abo (GB)

Since her first encounter with a pair of turntables back in 2007, Phoebe has gradually built herself a solid reputation as a skilled and versatile DJ, exploring and experimenting with genres of funk, soul, disco and (closest to her heart) house music. Spinning for London Fashion Week, Swarovski and Mercedes Benz, demand for the 23 year old has more recently extended overseas, with international bookings in Austria, Ibiza and the Caribbean. With a soft spot for retro synths and filthy bass lines, Phoebe's sound reflects her own persona as a chic geek with a naughty core. A fan of Hed ' Indie-Disco flavours as well as the sexy, exotic rhythms of the World Series, Phoebe is always on a mission to source fresh material for ultimate impact on the dance floor. 2012 will mark her 5th and undoubtedly most exciting year on the scene since venturing into the world of production. The past twelve months have seen Phoebe step up to the plate as an artist and writer, producing material on her own and alongside the all-female live dance music act, House of Angels. With what looks to be a bright future ahead of her, Phoebe is over the moon to be on board with one of the world's favourite club and lifestyle brands.
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