Paula Cazenave (ES)

Born in San Sebastian (Basque Country, Spain) in 1977, Paula has taken his record case up the best clubs and festivals around Spain since 1996 as Florida 135, Macumba, Barraca, Row 14, Code-Fabrik, Industrial Copera, several editions of Klubbers day festival, Aquasella festival, Techno-Flash festival, Electrosonic festival, 4every1 festival, Dreambeach festival, The end of the world festival… among many other clubs and big events throughout her country. She has also performed at festivals and clubs in countries abroad such as France, Germany, Brazil, Bulgaria, Holland, England, Slovenia, Italy and even the exotic Indian Ocean islands highlighting the Awakenings Festival 2012 , Awakenings Female Hard Techno Edition 2013 (Amsterdam) and several editions of Eco Festival (Slovenia), among many other clubs and big events abroad. Paula has shared stage with many international worldwide known djs as Carl Cox, Ben Sims, Paul Mac, Eric Sneo, Adam Beyer, Dave Clarke, Chris Liebing, Jeff Mills, The Advent, Joseph Capriati, Dj Murphy, Oscar Mulero, Pepo, Cristian Varela, Gayle San, Technasia, Dj Rush, Boriqua Tribez, Gaetano Parisio, Felix Kröcher, Chris Liberator, Dave the drummer, Patrik Skoog a.k.a. Agaric, Mark Broom, Fatima Hajji, Axel Karakasis and many more... Her refined technique on the decks, exquisite taste and ability to fuse styles make their eclectic sets never go unnoticed by the public. Usually can also see playing 4 decks sessions with A.Professor, which is her inseparable partner. Her style can encompass from the groovy Techno to dark and powerful Techno, depending on the event and always adapting to the needs of the public. Besides we can see her playing Tech-House sets as Paula Kasnav name under which she has already released several references and more will be released in the near future. In his role as a producer can boast of being one of the few pioneer womans of Spain that began for nearly a decade to edit Techno productions on vinyl in the international market. Her constant work over the years alone and also with A.Professor (also under the name of Daisychain and Secret Labz) are giving their deserved reward, especially since the release of his acclaimed success "Mamasei" in the Patterns Special Series record label which was top selling vinyl and digital throughout 2009 consecrating these two producers as a reference of Techno today. International DJs like Ben Sims, Paul Mac, Dj Murphy, Cristian Varela Boriqua Tribez and many others have stuck many of their productions. Her styles and names under which she produces are: - Paula Cazenave (Techno de todos los estilos) - Paula Kasnav (Tech-House) - Paula C (Electrónica, ambient, trip-hop, downtempo...) Partner projects / collaborations: - Daisychain (A.Professor & Paula Cazenave) Hardgroove, Tribal Techno. - Secret Labz (A.Professor & Paula Cazenave) Techno. - SysEx / System Exclusive (Paula Cazenave & Adriana Lopez) Techno Minimal, Dark Techno. - Ladies Room (Paula Cazenave & Daniela Haverbeck) Powerful Techno, Hardgroove. We may also highlight the vinyl releases that came out on her label Grind Records whose first release was among Bestsellers Techno vinyls in 2009 during a good season till sell out and has received the support of many international djs of the scene and the abovementioned. On the other hand we can find her songs on labels such as Patterns , Special Series, Audio Family , Amigos rec, Ignored rec , Virale, Grind , Conect-a, Platinium rec, Amigos, Undershape, Hypnohouse Trax, Mintec Musik, Actinium rec. and top selling Basics record label (in which she shared vinyl with Ben Sims) In 2011 becomes Native Instruments Traktor official DJ in Spain. Following this she got involved in brand products demos.
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