Ososonic (CN)

1985, Disco on the dancefloor. Ososonic opened the door, and took a captivating step; intrigued by Gino Socio, Giorgio Moroder and Patrick Cowley. A life changing step, his own turntables and classic-vinyl soon followed. Joining Disconet soon after, Ososonic collected all the Label’s re-mixes and 12-inches, launching him into a period of personal exploration and expression. One year later he was organizing his own parties, and played in the coolest bars and clubs under the name NEON. Experimenting with all sounds emerging at the time, he personified his sound thru Ital-Disco, New Wave and Funky-Electro, opening his own doors in the late 80’s to Acid, Dutch- and Belgian House. In 1993 he stopped with DJing and started his own design studio in Rotterdam. Early 2014 he once again entered the music scene under the name Ososonic, and opened the successful underground Club Bahn in Rotterdam. Boom! Bookings for festivals and clubs in various countries quickly followed, as well as becoming resident DJ for the beer brand Vedett in a self-manufacturedmobile club for festivals in Belgium. Aside from his deep roots in music, he's also active in concept development for clubs and festivals; as well as designing posters, flyers and other visual media for The Scene. In 2016 He became the designer for Crazy Lotus Festival Shanghai & China Pavilion. Ososonic has evolved as a creative performer, with a great love for all people on the dancefloor and passion for music in particular. From Disco to Techno, everything in between and certainly all beyond...
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