Norhan Bayomi (EG)

Artist & Speaker (Environmental scientist, Architect, Inventor, Electronic Music Producer)

Norhan is an Egyptian environmental scientist, architect, inventor, Electronic Music Producer and a Trance DJ with the name "Nourey". Bayomi was born in Egypt and currently lives in Boston, USA. She is a Post Doctoral Fellow at MIT Environmental Solutions Initiative and Research Assistant in the Urban Metabolism group. She received her MSc in Building Technology from MIT in 2017 and Ph.D from the same program in 2021. Norhan‘s research is focused on the role of AI in addressing Climate change challenges in cities. In 2021, Norhan co-founded Lamarr.AI with John E. Fernandez, which is a spin off from a research collaboration between Georgia Tech and MIT and funded by the US. Department of Energy. Lamarr.AI fuses AI with building science to develop solutions for improving the performance of the built environment.

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