Noëall (NL)

Bram Vanderschaeghe (1992), known by the crowd as Noëall, is a producer/DJ and founder of Future Vintage MM, Chocolade & Jangala in Nijmegen (NL). Bram started his career as the musical part of Discipline & Rather Real in 2011. While taking the local scene by storm, Bram took part in various beatbattles, such as Beat 'M Up and Skop Gat, where he claimed the first place several times. After a whole lot of shows and festivals the duo made it into the finals of the 'Grote Prijs van Nederland’ in 2012 and won the publics’ prize in Paradiso. From there on he played in France, Germany and Portugal and from this point it became clear to him that his music had the potential to reach further than just his city. After the duo splitted up, Bram began taking his DJ’ing serious and teamed up with MC Stretch. This veteran in electronic music introduced him to the “up-tempo versions” of the genres he already loved which were Garage, Grime, Bassline and many other different styles. Without disowning his roots he continued on his old school soulful vibe while combining it these new influences. That journey is currently being continued and concluded on the Rockacademie where he got accepted to study music production. Putting the focus on the improvement of his technique and music theory, Bram is experimenting to blend all of these influences together into something fresh of his own. In the meanwhile, Bram has been working in a wider aspect of the music industry for about three years now. This has led to the formation of the Future Vintage MM collective, the monthly sold out Hip Hop event 'Chocolade' in Doornroosje and his latest UK Garage/Grime/Bass concept 'Jangala'.
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