Neil Landstrumm (GB)

Neil Landstrumm has released records on a wide variety of electronic musics’ finest labels over the last two decades and is one of the true innovators in techno. Highlights include 12″s and LP’s for Peacefrog, Tresor and Planet Mu records and has recently released his tenth career LP , ‘Dragon Under’ on the UK’s Sneaker Social Club label. Other note worthy collaborations have been with Optimo’s JD Twitch as Doubleheart and side projects with Cristian Vogel, Si Begg, Bill Youngman and Tobias Schmidt together as Sugar Experiment Station. Essentially a live hardware based artist since the beginning of his career, he has toured internationally for the last 20 years with regular events in Europe, Japan and China. Landstrumm also lived in New York for a number of years but is now based back in Edinburgh working from his own Witness Rooms studio. A pioneer of new electronic styles with a strong signature techno sound often copied and imitated, he has always been, and continues to be, a unique electronic artist.
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