Nastia (UA)

Artist & Speaker (Propaganda)

She is an Ukrainian girl and she is proud of it. The DJ touring most in all history of her country , born to a small family in a tiny village. A talented girl without any musical education - Nastia.

Already one of the best-known eastern European techno/house DJs, Nastia’s star is firmly in the ascendancy globally. Her style is to an extent adaptable but she has a sound that is unmistakably her own. The last three years have been a whirlwind of gigs for Nastia. Her twilight techno, melancholic minimal, stripped-down ghetto funk and sustained house have been wowing crowds all around the world.

Her career started unexpectedly in 2005 in the city called Donetsk.

Since 2006 Nastia gained experience as a promoter, stage manager and radio show host. But her main occupation is DJing.

For five consecutive years Nastia worked on projects of Kazantip (2006-2011). Since 2006 she has her weekly radio show at the infamous and most popular radio stations of Europe - KISS FM Ukraine. Now its her whole project, which includes a radio show, conceptual parties and a vinyl label, which started this year - all combined under influential name 'Propaganda'.

Nastia is one of very few artists , who achieved her success entirely by her DJ sets alone. She is not a musical producer yet, nevertheless she continues to conquer Europe and beyond.

Her touring schedule includes countires like Japan, South America, Mauritius . In Russian and Ukraine she is seen less frequently now.

Since 2010 she is a resident of the legendary Moscow club Arma17.

Her Ukrainian family and residency is based in Odessa's project Feeleed.

During the last 3 years she has been performing every weekend across Europe. Her secret is simple, she plays quality dance music with great taste. Her speciality is the energy she shares with people during her sets. Time spent on the dance floor during Nastia's sets is euphoric to the extreme


Her name can be seen in the program of big music festivals, as well as in the line ups of best underground clubs and events. Her name is on everyone's lips right now, because Nastia is rocketing for her goals with great passion and ambition.

She loves her hobby, which evolved into her profession and her way of life during recent years. Her aim is to see as many people as possible on the dance floor and to dance with them, leading the vibe with what unites us all - music.

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