Murk (US)

Murk’s Oscar G and Ralph Falcon a.k.a Murk. The great thing about the history of house music is that it’s full of big and little tales that are still waiting to be told. The saga of Murk is such an untold one. A fact that redounded to their advantage when their first recording appeared on a scene that was heavily dominated by their peers from Detroit, Chicago and especially New York and New Jersey. Developing a trademark sound that included a deeper than deep and chunky bass, hypnotizing synth lines and male and female vocals that were lost in reverie, they sounded and still sound like no one else. Regardless of whether they are recording as Murk, Liberty City, Funky Green Dogs, Intruder, or any other of their myriad aliases, Oscar G’s and Ralph Falcon’s vast back catalogue includes several of the best house tracks the nineties have to offer, and despite their moniker tactics and apparent desire to stay out of the limelight as individuals, they are two of the genre’s cornerstones.
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