Mono-Poly (NL)

Mono - Poly (Dennis Verschoor) started exploring/buying synthesizers around 1994.It was a Crumar Bit One synthesizer and later on he added a Korg Mono/Poly and Roland JX3P. After that things came and went, and the setup changed over and over. At some point he realized he loved moving knobs and programming more than playing with those white and black things on synthesizers. Soon he bought his first modular synthesizer, an ARP 2600 and that started a never ending story. At some point in 2007 Mono-Poly went to an Electro-Music.com event in Belgium called “Chateau Sonore” There he met a guy who programmed self playing patch noodles on the Clavia G2 modular. It fascinated him and he became really passionate about self generating patches that play stuff without any human or computer manipulation at all. Nowadays Dennis Verschoor is running a well known modular event in the Netherlands called Noodlebar. This is THE spot for modular synthesizer performances and artists from all over the world have played here. Dennis is the godfather of the modular performance scene in the Netherlands! He has also done a lecture at the Dutch Film Festival about modular synthesis and collecting stuff. He played at festivals like Freerotation and did stuff for Intergalactic fm. He has also releases on Doppelganger records, Strange Life Records and more... Mono Poly has gigged in various places like Amsterdam, Brussels, Berlin, Oxford, Manchester, Copenhagen, Estonia, Myanmar, and Chengdu. During Voltage Control Amsterdam at Studio K, Dennis will provide visuals, with old analog test equipment and custom build (by him self) machines, which generate vector images. https://soundcloud.com/mono-poly http://www.mono-poly.nl/
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