Mitchel Kelly (NL)

Being intrigued by all sorts of music since his crawling days, it was no surprise he started collecting records in 2005. Always thinking outside the box, Mitchel knew he didn’t want to commit to just one specific style, so he kept his ears wide open for everything that could possibly make his heart skip a beat. First things first, so he decided he needed to know the classics, because you can't know where you’re going until you know where you’ve been. Unless you have a DeLorean made by Doc Brown of course.. The seed was planted and Kells began branching out, going off the beaten path, to create his personal style. Polishing his act with every gig he played and absorbing knowledge from his partners in crime also helped him develop into the skilled turntablist he is these days. While his love for the wheels of steel hasn’t faded away, he still decided he wanted more.
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