Miroloja (FR)

Gianni and Julian aren’t just only brothers. Animated by the same musical universe, they made a new sound project between house, micro and minimal. You can discover this one magic duo under the name «MIROLOJA». In 2016, they launched a V.A with SUBWAX Bcn : Bucharest imprint 002. After all, 2017 will be a perfect time to listen their EP produced by Arupa Music (EN), a Vinyl on Azalea Records (CHI) and different projects on Tzinah Records (RO), Zeitlos Music (IT), Celo Rec. (FR). In 2017, Miroloja start a residency for One Moment Paris and already play with Dan Andrei, Nima Gorji, Andrey Pushkarev, Cesar Merveille… In July 2017, their release OLO1 came in first place of the charts on decks.de, after that they decided to create their label “OLO Records”. The first will be “Subtitle ep” (incl. Nima Gorji & Rowlanz remix). Will be the first of a long series… You can check out his latest mixes for CrazyJack or Tnizah Records here to get a feel of how his DJing :)
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