MC Juice (NL)

Gary Person, also known as MC Juice, is born and raised in Amsterdam! His parents are of Surinamese and Hindi origin. The family consists only of boy's, and at all brothers plays music a big part in their lives. MC Juice has started in the world of R&B and has a lot of experience but a big break, however, was left in coming. MC Juice doesn't like giving up, so he is also interested in the HOUSE scene starting from 2007! MC Juice rocks with its mic and in each Club the audience rocks along with him! Better known DJ's such as DJ Carlos Barbosa for example and big Clubs saw a new MC. He is going to continue at this level for a very long time! MC Juice has not forgotten where he's comes from and what path he has had to lay off. He rocks with famous DJ's, but also with unknown upcoming new DJ talent. MC Juice rocks and the end is nowhere in sight…
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