Max & Moritz (CH)

The two artists who make up this duo are Christoph Mertsch and Maxim Heidt. The younger of the two, Maxim, proved, in his childhood, to be a pianistic talent. When he was 17 he became aware of DJ-ing and was immediately enthusiastic. Christoph became interested in music through his father. He tried various instruments but most of all he was fascinated by the equipment used by DJs. In the last couple of years they have extended their knowledge of electronic music and have become part of the DJ scene. They became friends purely through chance. Christoph had DJ equipment in his cellar and already during their first DJ session together, they realised that a DJ duo would be a distinct possibility. THAT was the moment that "Moritz and Max" came alive. Their success was immediate and they were given various jobs, including ones as resident DJs, as well as supporting acts such as Klangkarussell, Oliver Koletzki and Markus Kafka. They were awarded first prize in the DJ contest at the "Sea of Love" Festival and for the very first time performed in front of a really large audience. At the moment they are working hard on their first own production. The first fruits of this collaboration appear in their opening track. This will be released by the label Electrophil Records (Basel, CH) in the compilation "Gare du Balê" this spring. The style of the track is a mix of Deep-House and Tech-House.
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