Mashk (FR)

He is one of the most musical and particular artist on Solee's Parquet Recordings. His music is full of passion & melodies, delicate soundscapes and dreamlike stories... MASHK was born in France and started learning the piano with an age of 5. At the age of 18, he gradually abandoned the piano for the saxophone, and becomes a public professor of music theory and saxophone in Paris. He explores and walks in totally different styles ranging from classical to jazz, hip hop and electronic music, which is for him an extension of contemporary classic music. He has many musical influences: Bach, Coltrane and he can't dissociate through Steve Reich or Arvo Part for the main. Music must try to touch people's hearts and is all about sharing. Being curious, he likes making musical experiences and exploring the sonic material. Always trying to improve and develop his music, he favors harmony, rhythm (rhythm work on equivalences) and is still in search of a certain aesthetic beauty and purity. In 2013, under the guidance of one of his friends he sends some of his tracks to different labels and his work is rewarded with a positive answer from Parquet Recordings. His meeting with Solee will be decisive. Indeed, his music is part of Solee’s compilations re: cognition 5 & 6 with his tracks Spheris and Last Breath. This is for him the beginning of a new musical adventure and chapter. Enjoy my debut album "MELODIES" incl. all my past work + 6 brandnew unreleased songs! a perfect dream!
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