Mair Morel (GB)

Speaker (Boomtown Fair)

Mair Morel has worked with Boomtown since its inception 15 years ago. As one of Europe’s largest (66,000 capacity) and most innovative arts, music, and culture festival’s, Boomtown is a 5 day, multi-experience event with an immersive theatrical playground - showcasing internationally famous musicians as well as an evolving story that grows each year. Mair developed her skill set with the show through various roles from a performer, walkabout coordinator, theatrical producer, to her current role as the festival's Creative Director. Producing a show that delivers a narrative through immersive theatre - with one-on-one intimate interactions on the ground up to large scale spectacles on 25,000+ capacity main stages - provides a challenging yet rewarding and deeply satisfying, diverse work experience. Mair’s growth at Boomtown gives her a profound understanding of its audience, complexities, ambition and scale. Mair is inspired by engaging young and new audiences and creating environments for them to explore and discover the unique style of playful theatre that Boomtown has become internationally renowned for.

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