Maarten Vorwerk (NL)

Maarten Vorwerk is a prolific Dutch electronic dance music producer with more than 400 tracks in his discography. He is currently based in The Netherlands and produces under a variety of aliases. Vorwerk is well known among the global elite of today’s top DJs and producers and he’s the force behind several massive clubland hits for big-name DJs. Earning recognition in the early-aughts with hardstyle productions under his Vorwerk and Jeckyll & Hyde pseudonyms, Vorwerk later veered into the more commercial side of dance music known as EDM as a ghost producer for other clubland stars. In 2007, Vorwerk scored his first “#1” hit in the Netherlands and Poland with “Freefall” under his Jeckyll & Hyde moniker. Soon thereafter, Vorwerk achieved his second “#1” hit in the Netherlands with the song, “Epic,” a production with Quintino. A steady stream of Beatport and iTunes “Top 10” and “#1”-charting releases have brand-name DJs beating a path to Vorwerk’s studio door. In 2017 he released a bestselling book ‘Vorwerk- Tip Of The Week’ full with practical tips on Mixing and producing and the music industry itself. He’s currently dedicating more time in educating the new generation of music producers.
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